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In a world of conflicts with ever widening chasms between every individual and society, there is an urgent need to re-establish meaningful social condition through music, dance, art and theater.

Natana was established in 2001 to involve children and youth in performing arts later grew as a professional group. Natana approaches theatre rooted in folk, history, mythology and in local traditions through contemporary means. By making young minds to learn dance, music, painting and film appreciation, Natana seeks to pass on the cultural experiences of a generation to a new audience. Along its repertory productions Natana also hosts workshops and experimental productions for both children and adults regularly to attract them towards Theater.

The past performances of Natana includes, ‘Alibaba‘ of Dr. Kambara, , ‘Agni mattu Male’ of Dr. Girish karnad; Habib Tanveer’s ‘Chor Charanadas’, Premananda Gazvi’s ‘Gandhi-Ambedkar’ (Directed by C. Basavalingaiah);  ‘Ondu Sainika Vruthanta’ (Directed by B. Jayashree) ‘Nayi Thippa’ (Written by K. Ramaiah)’, ‘Mojina Seeme Aache Onduru’ (an adaptation of ‘on the Beyond Land of Hattamala’, Written by Badal Sarkar, Directed by Balaji Manohar), `vakra’(The misanthrop By Moleiar), ‘Agnipatha’ (Concept, Design & Direction by Dr.B.Jayashree) ‘Chama Chaluve’ (Playwirght : Dr.Sujatha Akki, Design & Direction : Mandya Ramesh) Shakespeare’s The Tempest’s Adaptation ‘DHAAM DHOOM SUNTERAGAALI’ (Adapted by Smt.Vydehi, Design & Direction : Sri. JeevanRaam Sullia)

In every summer, around 300 children come under a roof to engage themselves in literature, Music, Make up, Folk forms, theatre acting and many other creative activities under the training of experts in ‘Raja Maja’, a theatre oriented workshop. Quite a good number of children from orphanages, slums and children with poor economic background are being engaged in the programme to bring them into the mainstream.

An intimate auditorium of DESI style with 300 seating capacity called Natana Ranga Mantapa is being constructed by Natana with plenty hardships. Repertory company of Natana has participated in National and International theatre festivals and presented shows in various villages of Karnataka and also in metropolitan cities like Bengaluru, Kolkotta, Mumbai, Vijaywada, Tiruvanantapuram ,New Delhi and many more.

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